We spent a lot of this weekend on the road.  Saturday after getting things done around here (dog wise), Dave and I took off on the trike.  We went East about an hour and then took roads that we had never been on.  We went through Atchison and then into KC.  Drove home through Topeka.  We had never been on the trike that long in a single day.  Dave is wanting to take a weekend trip on the trike and this was a test to see if our bodies could take hours riding.  Dave already has a seat cushion and I ordered one after we got home. 

We went to Lincoln today.  Picked up dog food and pee pads.  Also bought a laundry sink to put in the barn.  I found it on Craig's list, so it was only about 1/4 of the cost of a new one. 

Romeo has started sleeping on my foot, taking Joey's place.  Tate is changing so quickly.  He seems to be growing into his ears.  Joy and Jazzy stick pretty close to each other.  Not sure if this is because they are the only girls or siblings or just because they are so much alike. 

Wednesday is the start of dogs going in to the vet for dentals.  once this groups is done, all of the dogs will have had dentals this 'spring.'. Maggie will be spayed and Dreamer has baby teeth to come out.

Hoping to get Murphy bathed and Bella bathed and clipped tomorrow.  If I still have time then maybe Angie.  Meeting up with some teacher friends late tomorrow afternoon.  I need to make something to take to that too.


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