Weekend zoomed by, as always.  Talked with Dana and the sandals I had bought for Jill were too small.  The sizing is off.  I ordered them from zulily, so if you shop from there be warned that the sizes are not always true US standard sizes.  I told Jill that I would take her shopping for shoes when she is here over spring break.  Excited about having her here for 5 nights.  Trying to get some things planned, but there is always the unknowns.  Amy is suppose to fly out that week, but don't know which day yet.  We will meet up with Dana that day for a fitting of her dress.  There MAY be a mama due that week, and she has had difficulty in the past so I don't want to be too far from her.  I don't think she is pregnant though, as she has not gained much weight. 

Weighed all the babies today and they are gaining.  Te's tiny girl is up to 7.4 oz, so not yet 1/2 pound.  She has tripled her birth weight.  Her sisters are at 14+ oz but not a pound.  They are still twice her size, but at least not three times.  Maggie has a tiny boy that I am watching.  He is still around 4 oz, but he won't be a week old until Wednesday. 

It was so nice today!  The wind is very strong, but the temperature was in the 60s!  We did get out the trike and take a ride.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be even nicer out.  Wednesday the high is only suppose to be 50.  So hoping that the freezing weather is behind us. 

The last quarter of school starts tomorrow!  One week of school, then Spring Break.  After Spring Break we have State Assessment tests.  The end of the year has lots of fun activities.  Theme Day, Field Trip, Track meet, Picnic.  So much to fit in to 9 short weeks! 


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