September 9

Hmm,  can't remember everything that happened this week.  

We went to the K-State game on Saturday with my parents, nephew and one of my SIL.

Sunday we went to KC to meet up with Dana and Richard and Jillian.  This is the first time since her school started that we have seen her.  

Wedding plans in full swing.  I will be booking the land portion this week.  Watching airfares and have a limit in my mind.  Just waiting for the fare to get below that to book the air portion.  

Early release on Wednesday this week.  In-service on Monday, and then an early release the follwoing Wednesday.  The kids won't have a full week of school all of September.  

Older puppy ears have been taped and untaped.  So far they are up.  They are getting so playful!  As soon as they are out of their pen they go for my feet.  Harley, the boy, lays down on my foot if I stand still for a minute.  They are loving their NuVet and eating hard food.  Next step is shots.  I need to call the vet for an appointment either for this week or next.  

Bella and Monique are being great mothers.  Bella's babies are so much bigger than Monique's , but Bella is a lot bigger than Monique.  Can you believe they are two weeks old this week?!

I wish I had the energy to get pictures taken, cropped and posted.  Maybe tomorrow night if this week is like last week.

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