Saturday, October 5

Sunday we drove out to St. Francis, KS to pick up Mom and take her to Lincoln, NE to the hospital.  Dad was working and could not get off.  We made it to the hospital around 5:30 pm (left home at 5:30 am!)   We were in the ER until 11:30 when they finally moved Mom to a room on the 6th floor.  I stayed with her that night and most of the day Monday.  Dad arrived around 2 and I left about 5 pm.  

Taught school Tuesday and Wednesday.  Took off Thursday and helped Dad get Mom to Marysville hospital, where she will be staying in swing bed.  Dad worked Friday, so I stayed with her again.  Thankfully she is doing so much better though.  I probably wasn't needed, but when I took Friday off I did not know if Mom would be in Lincoln or at her own home.  Either place she would have likely needed someone there.

Also this week Dave had a birthday (Tuesday).  Went out to eat at a local steak restaurant.  

Needless to say, I am exhausted!  

The puppies all had tape removed and ears shaved today.  I did not retape, so we will see who will need it.  The 4 younger puppies also got to explore the whole kitchen today.  They now think they should be loose all the time!  lol   Te is done feeding her babies and they are 11 weeks old.  Pumpkin is just over 2 pounds, so she will likely be around 5 pounds.  

Cooler weather means less outdoor time for the older puppies and adults.  Also the earlier sunset has curtailed the outdoor romps.  

I will be posting videos taken this evening of the puppies and mothers running around the kitchen.

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