Saturday May 17

I found some kennel panels on Craig's list.  We will be able to put some nicer fencing around the patio.  Right now we have chain link that has some issues.  chain link also lets some of he puppies squeeze through. 

Starting to worry about having everything ready to be gone.  I know the house won't  be as  put together as I  would like. It will be clean, but I  have things that need to be put away.  I come from a long line of pliers.  I just don't know where to put some of it. Other things just need to be hauled off and are arranged by were they go. 

Love is doing well and does not even act like anything is wrong.   Joey is my little shadow.  he is constantly at my feet.  he would rather be with me than the other pups.  Because of his small size they pick on him occasionally.  I am going to ask Lori to take him home some can be watched and also not with the others without supervision.

Started packing the three girls' bags that will be leaving while and before I am gone. 

I have tried contacting a reference on Thursday evening and this afternoon.  Left a message and they are not getting back to me.  Do I need to read that as the person should not get a dog?  The people at the vet office were very vague.  gave me  a funny feeling. 

Going to get to see Dana, Richard, and Jill tomorrow!

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