Saturday, 10/19

Got most of the dividing sheets up in the barn today.  Swept the whole floor and got the full spectrum lights hooked up to timers.  Wish I could have also gotten something done in the house!  lol

Tomorrow I am participating with 4 other teachers in a walk/run to raise money to purchase emergency kits for each classroom.  We are dressing up as the Incredibles.  Had to get my red tights tonight.  

Tiny Amy was shivering this morning.  I don't blame her as the house felt kind of cold.  Dave said there was ice on things outside.  It gave me the excuse to sit with her and a blanket to warm her up.  She slept for the first bit and then started chewing on my fingers.  

I bought some baby corker bows tonight to put in the girls' hair.  Dana told me that Pumpkin would be cuter in her pictures if her hair was up.   Pumpkin and Harley had good check ups on Friday.  Their second puppy shots are done.  Pumpkin's official weight was 2 pounds 12 oz.  Neither she nor Harley have gained much since their last shot a month ago.  The vets' had a new scale, since the last one got broken.  

Busy week this week, plus I think I need to go into school tomorrow before the walk/run to make sure all of my grades are on the computer.  I know there is two more reading grades to put on.

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