Saturday, 10/12

The puppies are getting so playful.  They play with each other and with their mamas.  They are no longer happy to be in their puppy pens and beg to be out to play when we are around.  They play for about an hour and then are ready for naps.  Just two short weeks for Harley to play with his puppy friends and then he will go to live in Minnesota.  He will get to travel special delivery with my brother on a private plane.  

We went to the K-state game today.  Hoping for an upset.  It was an exciting game, with K-State ahead for a bit toward the end, but too many mistakes let Baylor win.  I think K-State lost all chances of a bowl game with the loss today.

Mom is back home, but still tires very easily.  She is also having a hard time with her blood sugar levels.  Dave's test this week came back with good news and it is just a waiting game to see when the pain leaves.  Worst case senario is surgery, but at least it is not the dreaded "C" word.

If anyone knows of someone looking for a female pet Biewer, Pumpkin is probably going to be under 5 pounds and is a very sweet girl.  She will be ready to leave in just over a week.  All she needs is her second puppy shot and then some time to make sure there is no reaction.

At school we have just one week until the end of the first quarter.  The year is flying by, as I learn the ins and outs of third grade.

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