Tessa seems to be on her way to recovery!  Active as ever.  She has always been one to run if you chase, but will come up if you call her to you.  I got a good chuckle at Dave's expense today since he did not seem to know this fact.  

Dave just came in and said he saw a coyote in the trees on the North side of our property.  Glad everyone is in and guess no one will be going out for a bedtime potty break.

K-State is finally looking good.  After 4 losses in a row they now have 4 wins in a row.... Sorry Savannah!  

Did not get much done today.  I had to retake and email pictures of the kennel floor where the coating came off.  I have not been impressed with the expensive coating we used, we will see if they stand behind their guarantee.

Monday, on Veterans' Day, we are taking the third graders to the Veterans' Memorial Wall in Marysville.  They can do rubbings of family and friend's names.  I will look for my dad's name.  Not sure if my uncles are listed too.  (plus I have an aunt that was a nurse in Korea)

Seems the weekends go so fast, but the weeks are flying by too.  I can't believe it is almost the middle of November already.  That means this year is almost gone.  


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