October 4

Cold day today and I have to give at least one bath.  Romeo has dirty bottom this morning.  :-(     The tiny puppies are doing well.  The teenie tiny girl is holding her own.  she is over three oz now that she is over a week old.  She has not been wanting to supplement and she is gaining.  I would hate for her to aspirate the formula, as that could cause her to die quickly.  I guess with her it is better to watch and weigh.    As long as she is gaining I won't tube feed her. 

The oldest of the 12 are starting to wobble around their box.  They are 2.5 weeks old.  The mamas are getting along, so I took down the towels dividing their spaces.  They can now see each other and the dogs outside their space too.  All is quiet with no upset noises, so I guess they have gotten over the new puppy jitters.

Thursday and Friday I was at school until 6.  I can still think of things that I should have done and I came home with a huge folder of things to grade.  I try to save it for car rides, but Dave worked last night (left at 11:30 and got back at 8), so I don't think we will be going anywhere today.  Now I have to try to keep the dogs that are inside quiet while he sleeps.   It also means I have to pick and choose what I do to keep the household and dog noise down.   (No treat time this morning!  lol)

Dreamer is doing really well with his "show" training.  He walks with me, usually with head up.  He stops and stands or stacks pretty good.  We still need to work on the table as he tends to hunch up and look roachy.   He likes getting the extra treats for being a good boy.  Hope he performs for the judges in December!  Also hoping his hair grows like crazy between now and then.

Need to keep moving...trying to keep quiet and it takes me longer to get things done.

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