October 24

The three older puppies went to the vet on Wednesday to get the last of their shots. Jazzy had a lump that the vet remived on Thursday. It was a hair follicle that had become impacted.  She was also spayed and had baby teeth pulled.  The boys are scheduled for their surgeries on November 4. 

The 12 little babies are all out of their whelping boxes. They are in pens with a bed, pee pad, food and water.  The mamas still spend the majority of their time with the babies.   They still get baby cereal and moistened hard food.   

October 31 is going to be very eventful.  Jazzy's new dad will be picking her up in KC.  Will then pick our granddaughter up to bring back to Marysville to trick or treat.  

People le are starting to inquire about the babies. Seems so quick but they are 4-5 weeks old already.  

Next week eek is conferences on Monday and Tuesday.  Not looking forward to 12 hour days.  

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