October 13, 2014

We did go to the dog show yesterday and took Dreamer with us.  He was a bit scared at first in the car by himself, but settled in pretty quickly.  When we got to the show grounds, I could not find his show lead.  I improvised with another lead that I had.  We looked for my friend and she was getting ready to go in for owner/handler with one of her Shiba boys.  Glad we got to see them go in the ring.

Dreamer was scared at first and his tail was dropped.  He got better and was walking pretty good, but oh my! the floor smells wonderful to a small dog. lol   The worst part about the trip to this show was a lady came up to me and my friend and told me that the Biewer Yorkie would never be accepted.  My friend jumped in and told her that they are not Biewer Yorkies, but Biewer Terriers and they ARE accepted into AKC FSS.  The lady then told me that I needed to have my dogs tested as they would come out 100% Yorkshire.  I told her I had tested dogs and they were NOT Yorkshires and that when we did our initial tests these dogs clustered together away from the Yorkie cluster.  I asked her if she breeds/shows Yorkshire Terriers.  She said NO! as she walked away.  My friend told me that she raises/shows fox terriers, but a good friend of this lady does raise Yorkshires. 

We also go to see the last horse to leave our place in his new home.  He looked great!  It has been 5 years since we had seen him.  So happy to know that even our huge babies have wonderful homes!

I am hoping that the days before the show will help Dreamer settle in and be his normal, happy self during the show.

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