October 11/12

All of the little babies are doing well.  They are gaining and eyes are now open.  Hoping to get their pictures and King's picture updated this weekend. 

Filled out the AKC paperwork for puppy papers for the new ones.  I need to get the BTRA paperwork filled out to, but that requires me to have names decided. 

We had to buy dog food today.  $120 later I still don't have the puppy food.  We are not buy food every week now that we are feeding regular adult food to some, reduced calorie to some, and large breed to Emma, plus of course the puppy food for the mamas and babies.  On the way home we hit a raccoon :-(  

We may go to the AKC dog show in Lawrence tomorrow.  If I would have had a 4-6 month old puppy, we could have shown at it!  Dreamer just needs to get out and around other dogs.  He is doing very well at home, so needs to learn to show off when there are a lot of distractions and noise. 

Chill is in the air, but we have not turned the heat on yet.  The babies have heating pads, and no one else seems to mind the cold. 

This next week of school will be the end of the first quarter.  Christmas is almost here.  The year is going fast! 

Hard to believe that some of these babies may be gone before Christmas!  They are just starting to move around their boxes.  About ready to take the box away from the oldest ones and they crawl out occasionally now anyway.  I am watching a couple of the puppies with an eye on keepers. 


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