November 7

Staying late after school tonight to do just a bit of updating.  Only two girls remain on my looking list.  The boys are all still looking, but there have been a couple of inquiries. 

Between time change and the early darkness, I have been getting home most night after dark.  Bless Dave for helping me with dog chores.  It would be nice to be able to walk out of school at 4 when we are allowed to leave, but paperwork keeps me here.

This has been a really trying week at school.  Another teacher is causing trouble for the third grade teachers, so we all are getting "talked" to.  Do we really need this drama from teachers when the parents provide ample? Plus it takes up any planning time during the day, so that creates more after school hours too!

The babies are doing great!  I on the other hand have misplaced my SD card.  I took pictures of some of the boys the other day and now I can't find the card to get them on the web page.  I need a full time secretary, or more time at home myself!  

The older 8 puppies have a vet appointment next week for their first shots.  I will schedule the younger four for the following week.  I need to get Dreamer his Kennel Cough vaccination too before we travel to the show. 

So much to remember!   I think I need a small notepad with a chain to wear.  Then I can hopefully remember to write things down, but won't lose my list.  Yes, some days it seems this bad!  lol

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