new year's eve

i have been doīg some deep cleaning during break.  might get the laundry room finished before i have to go back on thursday.  i also want to get alt toenails cut and ears cleaned before i go back.

tonight dave and i are just sitting around home watching tv.  nothing exciting.

sorry about the no caps.  typing on the tablet.  it does have cap spaces to touch but i am having enough trouble gettīng ghe correct letters.  i have had to go back and fix several words but am sure there are probably still lots of errors

spent sometime yesterday just playing with the dogs.  nothing else.  several just wanted to sit in my lap all at one time.  seems i dont take the time to get down on the floor and play with them like i use to.  oh, i give treats, talk to them, pet them, cuddle with them, but not just all play. 

sounds like it is goīg to get really cold and maybe snow tonight.  today was warm and more of the last snow melted, but not all of it. spring is dragging it feet it seems. 

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