Mothers' Day, 2014

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  I was able to talk with my daughter and meet up with my son and his wife.

The puppies did get baths today.  I also gave Lanka a bath/haircut and Angie a bath.  

So much I want to get done before the trip.  all of the dogs will be in the barn when we are gone.  we took Dreamer down today and he hated it, so he is back in the house.  I told Dave that Dreamer is going to have to get use to it if he is going to survive the week.  I guess we will need to spend some time each evening getting him comfortable being down there and then away from us.  these dogs are so spoiled! 

Early meeting tomorrow morning.  just two busy weeks left of school.  our field trip is Friday. 

Love is scheduled to leave next weekend.  this time is coming so fast!

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