Monday, November 4

New week beginning.  It was nice not having to get up and ready in the dark, but now it is dark early in the evening.  

I went ahead and called the vet today to get Tessa in for a spay and dental.  This way I won't have to worry about someone "accidentally" breeding such a tiny girl when she find her forever home.  She goes in on Wednesday.

We did take Bella and Monique completely away from the babies today.  We will see how they react to this.  So far they don't seem to notice, but it has only been about 30 minutes.

Thursday, I go to a workshop with one of the kindergarten teachers.  Should be a fun day.  

Need to go let the babies back out to run again.  They should be finishing up their supper.  They seem awful quiet in the kitchen... wonder what they are up to!  lol

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