Monday, March 3, 2013

The weekend went quickly as usual.  Saturday we went to Lincoln and picked up a couple of bags of dog food.  I forgot to use a coupon I had gotten in the mail, so kind of ticked off at myself over that.  Bought Jill an outfit she can wear on the plane, because it has a jacket with it.  Other than that we really did not  do too much in Lincoln.  It did start snowing a bit, but the snow did not amount to much.

Sunday we spent at home trying to stay warm.  This morning my car's thermometer read -5.  I hate to even think what it would have been if the wind chill was added to it.  It is hard to believe that it is suppose to be in the upper 50's and maybe even 60's on this coming Saturday.  I hope that will mark the beginning of Spring!

I did get February receipts done yesterday.  Trying to make it past May before I get behind this year! 

Amy and Dreamer are so fun to watch and play with.  The new girls don't do much yet since they are just a week old.  The tiny girl is holding her own against her big sisters.  I need to research names to find some that fit these three. 

Maggie and Sis got baths tonight.  I hope to get pictures taken tomorrow night.  They will both be looking for their forever homes soon.  Maybe I can snap a couple of the new girls too!

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