Monday, Febraury 24

Te had her puppies last night!   Her labor started on the road and she had contractions, but never very heavy nor did she ever push.  I knew the first puppy was going to be dead when born as the bubble turned green, which means detached placenta.  Never any actual sightings of the puppy.  Called the vet and immediately took Te in when we got back to town.  A C-section was performed and we have three girls!  One of them is very tiny, so I am guarded about her survival, but watching her closely.  I will get pictures of the girls once we know we are out of the woods and the extra movement of pictures won't harm them.  Te is a great mama and does not leave them.

The first puppy that died, was presenting itself, but had not progressed down the birth canal.  We are not sure why Te did not have more intense labor.  But at least we have some live babies and did not lose the whole litter.  Please pray for the girls to continue to gain and flourish.


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