Monday, December 2

What a break from school!
 Busy busy busy!

The dog show went well.  it was very tiny, so I was hopping and had no time for pictures.  I did get a couple of my granddaughter leading Pumpkin on my phone, so I will see what I can do to get them on here.  There were 6 shows on Saturday.  Heaven Sent won Best in Show puppy for 5 of them!!!!  Dreamer won three, GG and Hero each won one.  (I may be remembering wrong though, so I will double check when I have a chance.)  It is great to listen to each judge's opinion and why they placed them like they did.  Dave and Jillian both had to help me show puppies.  The people that were there really loved the puppies and Jillian too!  She was such a big help for an almost 6 year old.  They let her do Jr. Handling, even though she was the only one there and she got her own huge ribbon to take home. 

The puppies did great in the car (crated when not on Jill's lap), at the hotel (running around) and at the show grounds.  They used the piddle pads almost 100%.  I was so proud of how well they handled the strange situations.  We had one poo accident on the way home, but blame myself.  A puppy was fussing to let us know they needed out, but we ignored it.  When the crying stopped we knew why, it was rather smelly!!!

Now to find the babies homes...  I would consider breeding homes for the three winners, but Pumpkin is likely going to be only 4-4.5 pounds.  I did not take Amy or Tessa with me, but they need forever homes too.  As always, I am willing to hold a puppy until the new home is ready to get it, but it would be nice if they all knew they had homes by Christmas. 

My new computer has quit working and it is not my fault this time!  I need to get it sent back and have ordered a new one already.  Now to find the time to travel to Lincoln to pick up the new one!

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