Okay, the Father's Day post was showing up for yesterday.... WEIRD!

School today, first time since Wednesday for me.  Unfortunately I have to take off tomorrow morning too.  Dave is having an ultra sound done to see if he has a pulled muscle, hernia or ???  Hoping for the best of course, but if the pain was bad enough for Dave to take off work and see a doctor, it had to be BAD!

Mom still in the hospital and Dad said that she had some confusion today.  

Harley will be leaving us at the end of the month.  I need to schedule one more vet visit, VERY soon for him and Pumpkin.  Pumpkin has really slowed down her weight gain.  She only weighs 2 pounds 1.1 oz at 12 weeks, so she SHOULD be around 4.5 pounds.  

At six weeks, we have
GG, as girl who weighs 2# 4.7 oz, estimated adult weight of 7 pounds
Hero weighs 1# 7.5 oz and should weigh around 4.5-5 pounds
Dreamer who weighs 1# 13.3 oz with estimated adult weight of 6.5 pounds

Tiny Amy is 5.5 weeks old and weighs 1# 0.6 oz with an estimated adult weight of 4-4.5 pounds.

Inquiries have started coming in for the babies, but no firm adoptees yet.  

Please continue your prayers for my mom's speedy recovery and now include favorable test results for Dave.  

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