Memorial Day 2014

Hope everyone took this weekend to remember those who have served to allow us freedom, and the loved ones that have left this life on earth. 

Dave and I worked on the barn today.  We had a down pour last night, so there was an urgent need for caulking the bottom of the wall. Hoping next time the water won't rise as high.  Dave helped me give quickie baths to the dogs and puppies. 

Sis and probably Love leave me tomorrow.  Dreamer goes to the Groomer to try to get some of the snarls out and keep his hair as long as possible.  Love goes to see about her scratched eye and Rosie aka Razzie gets her second vaccination.  Then the trip to KC. 

I think I am just about ready for the trip.  Bag is mostly packed.  Laundry is just about done.  House is as clean as it is going to get.  Can't forget the last minute things such as toiletries and power cords. 

I will post from my phone if there is WiFi, otherwise I will not be in touch.   

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