May 6

Yesterday was my Mom's 80th birthday.  She is still going strong after a hiccup in her health last fall. 

The puppies are getting lots of inquiries.  Lovie has been adopted and will be leaving in a couple of weeks.  Razzy and Lotty are on hold pending deposits arriving.  All of the new homes sound just wonderful.  They will probably be leaving in early June. 

The vet visit went well tonight.  The office was  very busy.  All the puppies checked out completely healthy.   Next week the older puppies go back and then the following week the youngest ones go in.  Right before we leave form the wedding the middle puppies go in for round two. 

Meeting after school tomorrow.  Thursday and Friday there is nothing after school.  Next week I Have two morning meetings.  Those are the worst for a night owl because it means I have to remember them and also get up early. 


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