May 24

Yesterday was my last day od the 2013/2014 school year.  I was able to check out around 11:00.  Bank, pharmacy, and optometrist all before noon.  New glasses and sunglasses just in time for the trip.  Dave's employer had a free lunch for employees and families and only $3.00 for others in the community.  Hamburgers, chips, sodas and frozen yogurt.    Then came home and gave Sis a bath.  I scrubbed part of the barn floor while she dried and then took her to the feet to get a rabies shot.

I put the babies in the barn.  (except Lovie and Joey).  I need to make sure they can get along down there while we are gone.  They cannot get outside but have a 10 x 10 pen.  So far they are crumpling pee pads.  I am going to get some duct tape and try taping them down.  I spent quite a bit of time down there yesterday evening and again today.  Scrubbed more of the floor today.  Hope to get it all done either tomorrow or Monday. 

So much to do before we leave.  We have to get dog food and puppy food, more pee pads and the duct tape.  I also need printer ink to make some copies of things for the trip and new puppy owners.  I have  started making lists. what to wear each day, what to buy yet, what each puppy that is leaving needs to have packed yet.


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