March 7

Romeo's new owner has put a couple of pix on Facebook today.  She also messaged me about his first night.  Sounds like he is settling in very well. 

Spot will be leaving March 19. 

The three babies needed baths today.  Now they smell so good and are so soft and fluffy!  I made their pen bigger since they like to be out and playing.  I am hoping this keeps them a bit happier when I can be around to let them out. 

I have three wire crates side by side in the kitchen for the "show" dogs.  They need to be use to staying in a crate for the show in a month.  First trial today.  Of course Dreamer has spent time in a crate since he went to Florida.  Tater and Baby did not put up too much fuss.  They were in for about 45 minutes the first time.  Then Dave and I went out to ride the trike and I put them back in.  It was a bit after 1 and I knew we would be back before dark, because it cools off very quickly and I am a pansy.  They have been out and playing since about 4:30.  I am going to try tonight in the crates too.  Hope they don't get too noisy!!!

This morning Dave and I did a quick clean of the house.  Living room is picked up and floor cleaned.  Still needs a good dusting.  Kitchen floor had everything moved and then mopped.  The IRIS pens were taken outside and hosed off.  If I were to get them again, I would NOT get white.  They look good now though! 

I often wonder how just two adults can get a house so messy? 


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