March 6

The cold has really tired me out this week.  No energy most evenings and to bed early.

If you haven't noticed three dogs have been removed from the puppy page.  Romeo left tonight.  He turned one yesterday and his new mom saying "Yes to the pup" yesterday is any dog's dream.  He has a wonderful home here in town.  I will be able to keep up with his activities.  He has a big golden sister, a couple of cat siblings and even some birds.  Wonderful home!

Tiny was spoken for about a week ago, but will stay here for just a little while. 

Spot was just spoken for yesterday too and will be leaving in the next two weeks. 

One minute I am worried that special homes won't show up and the next they are leaving me almost too quickly!    King, Trey and little Robbie are still looking.   We could have new puppies as soon as late next week!

The 3rd quarter of this school year is now in the books.  I have grades on the computer, lesson plans for next week, helpers and schedule updated for Monday morning.  Ready for the last of the year to begin!  The other good news is that next week there is only 4 days and then Friday is the start of Spring break.

My plan for spring break is to have the vet come out to update everyone's vaccinations, spring haircuts, finish the water line in the barn and to RELAX.  Hope the weatherman is correct and spring temperatures are here!

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