March 5, 2014

Puppy count is up to 5 girls and 4 boys!  There may be one more litter over spring break, but still not convinced that this will happen.

Last night I had another migraine, but caught it fairly early. 

This morning I had a strange call.  Someone is looking for dogs with tails to be photographed for an advertisement.  She asked if I would bring some of my dogs to St.  Louis for a photo shoot.  I gave her the names of two people I know in that area and did send pictures of just a couple of my dogs.  Not sure if I want to travel all that way with just a chance of being paid for my travel and time.  (paid only if they choose to use one of my dog's pictures)

Snow today.... hope it is the last of this winter. 

Sounds like we will be able to have Jill here over Spring Break.  We haven't seen her since the dog show! 

I have someone interested in giving Maggie a retirement home.  A couple have inquired about Sis.  Tessa is still looking for her forever home.  I thought a tiny girl would be one of the first ones out of here.  I guess if I wasn't picky about homes, she would be gone already.

I need to start thinking of names for these babies.  Usually their call names come once they get a personality. 

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