March 25

Carolou,  I have been getting your emails and responding, but then I never hear back.  I don't think you are getting my replies. 

Cool day today.  Still wet and spitty but not really rain.  Our road is slop!  The car is covered with dirty slime when I get to school and I have to be careful not to let my calves touch the car frame.  One more day of testing this week.  Some of my students are done with the Reading test, because they took two parts the first day.  Most just have one more part to do tomorrow. 

Bella's babies are starting to open eyes.  They seem so big when compared to Monique's tiny ones. 
Dreamer had to have a bath again tonight. With his long hair he gets poo stuck in it too frequently. 

Next week at this time, I will be packing for the dog show!!!!

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