March 19/20

The last few days have sped by.  Jill has loved Dreamer and Amy.  In fact she has said that Amy cannot leave, because she is her favorite.  I tried to tell Amy's mom that, but it was a no go. 

Amy does leave tomorrow.  We met the transporter at the airport at 11:30, then we meet up with Dana to find shoes for the wedding and then meet with the seamstress for alterations (bustle) on the dress.  Dana will take Jill home with her, so tonight is the last night.

This week has been really busy.  Monday we went shopping in Lincoln and got all kinds of clothes/shoes for the wedding and trip for Jill.  Von Maur and Justice are her two new favorite stores!  lol.  Tuesday, we tried to fly her kite, picked up snail shells around the pond, visited my parents, and got a bike helmet from Walmart.  Today we made bunny cookies, rode the bike, got her laundry done, she wrote a story that we stapled together like a book. 

We have also had puppies!  Three more babies have joined us.  2  boys and a girl.  The girl is very tiny and not doing well.  I have been supplementing her since she does not seem to latch on.  Sometimes she seems so weak and others she seems to be fighting.  I often wonder why God lets these babies go through this when I lose one.  I can understand the fight for a baby that survives.  I try not to get too attached, but when you are giving one baby more attention, it is very hard. 

Friday will be my catch up day.... Sleep is needed, but so is a lot of other things.  Dog baths, puppy pictures, deep cleaning.  I need to come up with a way to accommodate all the babies and their mothers.  I have not had this many babies at one time before.  I believe it was caused by changing some lightbulbs to natural full spectrum lights.  I think it made several of the girls all cycle at the same time. 

I should be sleeping right now to help get caught up and to make tomorrow's trip safer.  We will need to leave home around 8am to make it to the airport in time.  I am sure the trip home tomorrow evening will be quiet without Jill around. 

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