March 15, 2014

We got so much done today!  Whole house cleaned, laundry done, dog food bought, drove to Beatrice to get a tire fixed since the flat was discovered after the tire shop here closed, have Amy's trip to Montana all worked out too! We even rode the trike for a couple of hours.  The temperature rapidly dropping because of the cold front sent us home before dark.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be the coldest day for awhile. 

Puppy watch continues.  If everything is okay tomorrow, we are going to go eat with Dana, Richard, and Jillian.  Jill will then get to come home with us for several days!  I am so excited about her stay with us!  I hope this is the first of many times that she will be able to stay.   I bought a kite and bubbles today while waiting for the tire to be fixed.  I hope the wind doesn't completely destroy the kite.  Maybe we will get a day or two with calmer winds.  I almost bought colored bubbles until I saw that they could permanently stain clothing.

Even with Jill here this week, there will be much to do.  I hope to get several dogs bathed and clipped for summer.  Amy leaves on Thursday.  Hope we don't have to take an expectant mama with us in the car, but will if I have to. 

I have better get to sleep since I am going to have to keep up with a six year old for the next 6 days!

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