March 15

Rode the bike today.  Windy, but pretty nice!

Painted the door trim and window sills in the barn this morning.  Either hair needs to be cut (which it does) or the change in the weather is causing dirty butts.  Had to clean two this morning! 

Hair cuts are on the to do list this week.  I may do a few in the morning, then power wash the cement.  Do a few more, then seal cement.  Tomorrow is the warmest forecasted day this week and the rest of the days may be too chilly to seal the cement. 

Spot may be leaving Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Thursday.  His new family is coming closer to here to pick up seed.  I should know tomorrow.  I made Spot an appointment for his neuter, but he will be leaving before that.  I think that I will have Trey take Spot's appointment.  He is 6 months old, so it is time.  Spot and Tiny will be done once they are with their new families.  We have already talked about here vs. there. 

Made grooming space reservations today.  Just three weeks!!!!   I need to get busy with Baby!  I know that Leslie will have Tater ready.  Dreamer should be good to go with just some practice between now and then. 


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