March 14

Let Spring Break begin!
I was the last one out of school tonight, since I left at 5 and most others were gone before 4.   I finished grading spelling and then put grades on the computer. 
Feeling more energy tonight than I have all week.  Not sure if the time change was the culprit or just my low energy. 

We are on baby watch again.  Glad I will be home for awhile now.

Still have not heard from the transporter!  If you know of anyone that will take a puppy from Kansas to Montana, PLEASE let me know.  Amy is supposed to leave this week, but what this transporter has put me through with the last few of puppies has me wanting to find someone else.

"Guest room" is all ready for Jill!   I can't wait to spend some time with her.  

Another teacher and I have been walking during our lunch the last three days.  I should try to keep it up during break.  (maybe just 20 minutes of walking is creating the extra energy?)

Washed and put away my slacks.  Kind of nice thinking that I won't need them for over a week!

Babying my computer along.  I hope it can wait until after break to send it in.  We will see.

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