March 13

Yesterday my baby turned 29!  How can I have a child that old, let alone my youngest???!

Started the day off early.  The alarm went off at 5.  I was out the door with three dogs in tow before 6.  Long drive to downtown KC to the dog show.  I got there just in time to see my friends' shiba inus show.  Bernice aka Lonita, the friend that I traveled with to Florida, had three dogs there.  She showed two and a handler showed the boy that was in Florida.  The handler has had him for several months now and he has taken BOB everytime out except 2 times!  He did it again today! 

The other Shiba friend, is Leslie,  I met her in Florida.  She is a friend of Bernice's and lives in Arkansas.  She helps a handler and is a groomer.  She has shown great interest in the Biewer Terrier and we have been talking.  She is going to take a couple of Biewer puppies and get them trained and groomed to show.  She will show them at any shows she goes to that will allow FSS dogs.  To do this we will co-own the dogs.  She left Tater with her and she will also take one of 9 week old puppies from the Wichita show.    So excited to get Heaven Sent Dogs out there!!!   Leslie is also one of the ladies that helped me groom Dreamer at Orlando.

Dreamer ended up with a dirty behind so he did not get out of his crate much.  To potty is about all, poor boy!  I have found when the dogs need a butt bath they know that something is wrong and act strange.  Dreamer acted completely scared at the dog show and since Florida, this is not like him.   The puppies were rightfully scared.  We put them on the grooming table and carried them around quite a bit.  They also spent some time in their crate, just to chill out in the noisy, bustling atmosphere. 

Arrived home around 7 pm. and of course the first thing was to give Dreamer a bath.  Smells and looks so much better!  Baby seems a bit lost without Tater, so good thing there are other dogs around to help fill the void of her brother and constant companion being gone.  Leslie reports that Tater is doing very well. 

Not sure what will get done the rest of Spring Break.  The next two days will probably be doing whatever Dave wants to do.  I need to call vet and get an appointment for shots this week.  Instead of meeting Spot's new owner in Lincoln, we are going to meet in Beatrice, which is closer.  I still am hoping to shave most of the dogs and work on the watering system.  Of course there is housework and laundry and meals to keep up with too.  So ready for the break and a bit of relaxation, but I hope I don't get too lazy and get some stuff done!

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