long time

The last month has been busy, but part of the reason for no post is that using a tablet to type is the pits!!!  I find I am correcting quite a bit, especially deleting m and n instead of spaces.  I am also frustrated by not being able to caption my photos.

Zinga had a baby boy almost three weeks ago. He is fat and starting to toddle around.   There was a girl puppy but she got stuck and I could not get her out in time.  Seems to be always the girls!!

Topper went to his forever home this week.  He has four skin brothers that already adore him. 

I left Dave with the new puppy and the rest of the gang and went to Columbia for a week to spend time with the granddaughter.  We had a great time and then she came back with me to spend a couple of days here.  The puppies enjoyed having a playful person around. 

Starting to plan for the December show.  I am so excited but also VERY nervous to go to  my first AKC show.  I keep looking at Dreamer and Romeo to see if I think they will make the cut.  Dreamer is going through a long and roach stage that I hope goes away to his prior adorable self. 

Tobi will be leaving this weekend, which makes me sad.  He is so sweet and we will really miss him. 

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