Labor Day 2013

Been a busy week (as usual!)  School is going a bit smoother, thank goodness.  Watson did leave during my lunch Thursday this week. 2 Puppies born a week ago Monday to Bella, went to KC Tuesday afternoon, 1 puppies that night (Wednesday morning) to Monique, Hair appointment Thursday, Saturday Mira had one puppy, but would not settle down enough to take care of her, so now Monique is raising three babies.  

I don't know if the second baby would have settled her down more, but that is what she had last time and did okay.  This poor baby was crying and wet and cold.  Mira was keeping her that way and would not settle enough to snuggle and nurse.

Pretty quiet weekend with nothing much else going on.  Dave worked outside, mowing and cleaning up tin piles getting ready to haul off the tin.  (two old grain bins that we took down years ago.)

Starting to get the planning stages done of Dana's destination wedding.  Looks like we will be going to Jamaica next spring.  Have already marked on the calendar for no breeding dates, so that there won't be any puppies born or weaned during the few days we will be gone.  

I have some pictures from others that I need to get on here, plus I need to take puppy pictures of all the babies here.  Harley and Pumpkin are getting so cute too!

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