June 7

Happy birthday to my father. 

Phone will be here sometime on Tuesday morning.  Until then email me!

Dreamer for his bath yesterday.  A lot of my adults are getting warm in their coats even though they are only about three inches long.  I guess clippers are in their near future.  Bought several kinds of dog foods today to try to find one that Joey will eat.  I remember A-Emmelie liked wing a ling.  it has a chicken wing cooked in the can.  Pam took the meat off the bone until she realized that the pressure cooked bone was soft. 

My Nook decided to reset itself today.  I lost all of the books I had downloaded and the one I was currently reading. 

Taking Aleve twice a day is helping me sleep better without the back pain, but my hips and arms hurt today.  my body thinks it is getting old, but who has tome for that?

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