January 8, 2015

Look what came today!!!

Wish Dreamer's coat was longer, but not looking too bad considering I had it cut down in April.  So proud of him, no matter how long his coat is.   We are looking forward to our next AKC FSS show. 

Took four of the puppies to the vet tonight for the third puppy shot.  I thought the transporter was coming this weekend, but she finally contacted me and told me she is planning on next weekend.  Waiting for her to decide when really messes up my schedule.  I did not plan anything for this weekend, even though I need to get the vet out here to give quite a few shots to the gang.  Now I cannot plan it for next weekend either.  We do have our tax appointment next weekend and I will NOT cancel that since we have had it over a year and the accountant does not take new clients because of scheduling. 

We have had supper with Dereck the last couple of nights.  He is working just 20 minutes from here.  Kysha will be here starting tomorrow and all next week.  Dereck goes back to Salina sometime this weekend. 

The cold weather has us using space heaters to try to keep warm.  Many schools around here either canceled school or had late starts the last couple of days.  We had two full days of school though. 

The new babies are doing great and gaining a lot.  They may outgrow their mama!  lol

Testing starts next week.  Not looking forward to that.   Would rather teach than have the schedule all messed up.

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