January 6, 2015

Back to school for two days now.  Many are wondering if there is a late start or school cancelled tomorrow because of the cold temperatures that are predicted.

We had a wonderful Christmas this last weekend.  It is so fun to watch the grand daughter open her gifts and then play with them.  She made her dad a rubberband bracelet from the loom we gave her.  It took her 2.5 hours and she stuck with it.  I was impressed with the determination from a 7 year old.  The best gift of all was being able to spend time with the kids and their families.  This does not happen very often anymore. 

Darla did have three babies on Friday.  They are doing very well so far.  I will post pictures soon, maybe tonight.  2 girls and a boy.

Romeo and King have new haircuts.  I told the groomer cute, but our ideas of cute must be different.  At least it will grow back out.  These two boys will make great pets for someone.  Hopefully their new homes will show up, but you all know that they will not go unless the right home shows up.  Romeo's pictures have been updated and I will do King soon.

Got a call today from the lady that contacted me on Christmas Eve about Mira.  She did not buy her, but was told by the pet store that Mira had been bought by someone else when they went back two days later.  I would LOVE to hear from her new family.  

Ria is supposed to leave this weekend.  Not sure which day or what time.  Yep, the transporter is taking her to her new home.   

People are starting to look for show dogs.  I think the Meet the Breed and showing in Florida is helping to get the word out about the Biewer Terrier.  Most of you know my feelings about show and breeding dogs with the Heaven Sent name.... I will not place a dog as a show/breeding prospect unless I would be willing to keep them myself.  That dog has my name associated with it, so I want only the best representation.  That does not make my pets any less quality, maybe better quality than some breeders, because they sell most of their dogs as breeding/show dogs.  So what I consider as a pet might be one of their show dogs. 

Hoping for the day off to spend more time with the puppies!  They enjoy every minute I can give them and create so much joy for me!


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