January 5

Today is Tessa's first birthday.  She has 4 siblings and I heard from Lexi's mom today.  Tessa at a year old is much different than I had been hoping.  She is still under 3 pounds.  Of couse most of you know that I had her spayed several months ago.  This special tiny girl is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

It is so cold in our area right now, that school has been cancelled for tomorrow.  It is not safe for the children to ride buses or walk to school in this weather.  The wind chill makes it even colder than what the thermometer reads. 

There is a lot I can do tomorrow with the extra time. 
BTCA letter
puppy bath/grooming day
recover lost documents that were lost in the last computer crash. (some I am going to have to recreate!)

Friday night, I had the intestinal flu.  Not a fun night!  Feeling much better today, but appetite is not back to 100% (might be a good thing! lol)

Need to get things put away and ready for bed.  Not sure what will get done on my list, but they all need to get completed at some point.

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