January 27

Made it through today.  The para that is in my room was sick today.  It was our 100th day of school today too.  We did many different activities to celebrate 100 days.

Conferences went well tonight.  All parents that were scheduled showed up.  That does not happen very often. 

Mira's surgery went well today.  She is acting like nothing happened.  Took her antibiotic tonight and will give her pain killer tomorrow morning.  I will be taking her to KC with me to go to her new home.  Would not normally send her off right after surgery, but she will be with me in a car and then in her new home.  I am also hoping that the surgery will slow her down just a bit to help her settle into her new home. 

GiGi will now be known as ViVi.  She will have a Biewer Terrier sister that is just a few months older than herself.   ViVi will be leaving in late February, shortly after Pumpkin leaves.  My puppy page will be getting pretty empty with Mira, ViVi and Pumpkin leaving me!  But,... we might have puppies the first week in March!

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