January 25

Darla and babies are doing great!  They are such big fat babies!  I took them out of the whelping box the other day.  They are sticking pretty close to the bed, but do venture out some.  I have been throwing around names for the babies.  Not sure what do send in yet.

Tiny has new pictures on his slide show.  I have a red garland with hearts for Valentines' Day.  I did not put a bow on this time, so he has the fuzzy look. 

Tiny and his brother, Turbo, got baths tonight.  Only 4 more puppies to go and then to do Romeo and King.  A lady that is interested in a Biewer and is a groomer told me what I need to do to make them a bit cuter.  May be beyond my abilities!

Filled out paperwork today for Kingston's registration and the upcoming show.  I need to get Turbo an Baby's papers back from AKC to fill out numbers. 

This week is parent conference week again.  Not looking forward to working until 9 two nights, but having Friday off will be nice!


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