January 23, 2014

Spent the evening on the phone.  Talked to the lady that would like to adopt Pumpkin.  Got her references and chit chatted about dogs and other things.  Called one of her references tonight.  The reference is also a teacher, so no shortage of conversation.  Two more references to call tomorrow. 

Then received a call from a lady that is maybe looking to add to her Biewer family.  She is a retired teacher.  We teachers can sure talk, but that is part of our profession! 

It is SO cold here.  This morning on the way to school my car said it was -2, (yep, minus two).  Tonight it was 4 above.  This did not stop some of the dogs from running around outside like they did not care about the temperature.   Maybe THEY don't mind it,  but I don't want them out in it very long. 

Tomorrow is already Friday.  It has been a busy week.  In-service on Monday, then superintendent interview Monday after school.  Tuesday regular classes and another superintendent interview.  Wednesday was early release for the kids, in-service in the afternoon and the third superintendent interview.  Kind of a relief to not have to do anything special after school today.  Even then, I did not get two people emailed that I needed to email.  Hope tomorrow is not too late.  I also still did not get out of school before 5.  Hoping tomorrow I can leave shortly after the kids do.  Next week we have parent conferences on Monday and Thursday.  I have superintendent interviews on Monday and Wednesday.  No school on Friday since we will work until 8 on Monday and Thursday.

Still hoping for new puppies in March.  Another couple of weeks and I should see some signs. 

Praying for an early Spring here!

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