January 18, 2014

It is 12:30 on Sunday and I just got done with my taxes.  I THINK everything is ready to go to our tax accountant next weekend.  I really did not think I would get it done today. 

The dogs were so good while I worked.  I was afraid they would be jumping around and papers flying.  Most of the day they napped.  Oh a dog's life!

Not sure what we will do tomorrow since this is done.  Of course there is the usual chores and housework.  It may be warm enough to the bike out, because it is suppose to be in the lower 60's.  A real heat wave for Kansas in January.

I still need to get puppy baths and pictures done sometime too. 

Excited for the hopeful puppies in a couple of months.  Crazy since the last batch is still here, but spring is on its way (has to be!!!) and we can all have fun outside.  The new puppies will be ready to romp outside once it is all warmed up in June.

I need to get some rest. My voice is still gone from the latest cold, but at least I don't feel anywhere as bad as I sound.

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