January 10

I left school today around noon.  I had a migraine and could not lose it.  Stopped and got some food, came home, ate and then went to bed.  I had already taken Advil and a soda with caffeine at school.  Advil, Caffeine and food and sleep usually take care of them, not always in that order though. 

I slept until Dave got home a bit after 5.  He fixed himself supper then did chores for me. 

I would like to get puppy baths and pictures updated this weekend, but we also have to go to Topeka on Saturday and Lincoln on Sunday.  Still need to work on taxes too.  Our appointment is coming up quickly! 

BTCA email was sent out, dog records updated, school work all done (for now), Most of the laundry has been done for the week.  I do need to clean the bathroom and living room (Dave has tracked in mud and does not seem to know how to clean up after himself.)    The rugs will need to be tossed in the washer.

Hoping the deep freeze is over.  This week the temperatures should be much more livable.  Maybe the snow will all melt, but of course that will mean mud for awhile.

Those of you that have been here, my "landmark" is gone.  The huge cottonwood tree that is shaped like a heart was cut down this week.  The county and REA decided it should go.  I really liked that tree.  I had to be over 100 years old, so it is sad that its reign is over.  How am I going to tell people where our house is now?  I had also thought about taking its picture during the different seasons and never gotten it done. 


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