Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!   I hope for a wonderful year for all of the Heaven Sent family all over the US.

I updated 4 puppy pictures tonight.  They are right below the regular puppy pictures and are a slide show for each puppy.  I am thinking of doing this type of picture for each puppy from now on.  Please let me know what you think.  These are the only 4 puppies that are still available.  I will get King and Romeo's pictures updated after their grooming appointment next week.  They are getting puppy cuts. 

I am still waiting on Dreamer's show photo.  Hoping I could share it with you by now. 

Today I made some snacks for our Christmas this weekend.  Chocolate covered peanuts made in the crockpot, snack mix, and Hello Dolly bars.  Of course I also gave 4 puppy baths.  I still need to do their ears and toenails.  Trey did get his ears trimmed because one ear is getting floppy.  Tape may be in his future, but hoping the trim will do the job.  His ear was up Tuesday!  I have been trying to do a bit of cleaning too, since I have to be back to work on Friday.  I have REALLY become used to not working (outside our home) with the dog show and winter break. 

Purged some things from the refrigerator.  out of date items and bottles with barely anything in them are now history.  Dave and I bought a new refrigerator for our Christmas present to each other.  The current one still works, but the gasket is cracked in places, the ice maker and dispenser do not work and it is 26 years old!  The new one does not come until the middle of January, but so excited. 

Still on puppy watch.  Darla may be taking a trip with us this weekend.  I will not leave her to have puppies alone. 

I started a Christmas village for Jillian this year.  I picked up a store and a couple of trees on clearance for 75% off.  Will probably go ahead and give them to her this year since we have not done Christmas yet. 

Need to keep going, so I can get to bed soon!  Happy New Year!!

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