Friday the 13th

Not many dog things got done today.  of course having puppies at the playful age makes it hard to get anything done.  Romeo and Joey have been going out to play outside when I water plants in the morning.  They really seem to love it, but stick pretty close to me.  Joey is eating the softened dry food very well now. 

When I took dog beds out of the washer, there was stuffing coating the inside of the washer.  Guess I can tell which bed the puppies were chewing on now.   

We ran to Manhattan tonight when. Dave got home to get sewer pipe.  Now he can hopefully fix our back up problem.  Won't likely be tomorrow because we Re going to go to Salina to see Dereck and Kesha.  I made three fresh strawberry pies to take because her family will be there too.  I decided to make the pies at about 10 tonight, so had to make a trip to Walmart,  Good thing it does not take too long when I don't make the crust from scratch.

All of the adult dogs are done with vaccinations until December. Of course puppies will need their next distemper and a rabies shot yet.

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