Friday, Feb. 28

The guy from USDA did call tonight.  We talked for over an hour. My to do list before he comes to inspect is:
1.  microchip all "weaned" dogs that will be here when he comes that are not already microchipped or tattooed
2.  Go through all of the dog medicines and toss out any that have expired.  (I am sure there is a lot, as I just toss all the bottles into a box)
3.  Check all teeth and make sure they are clean. 
4.  schedule dentals for any that are needing them.
5.  Get the exercise plan signed by the vet.
6.  update the records with the chip numbers

A big snow storm is supposed to hit tomorrow night.  They say up to 8 inches. 

The three little girls are still doing well.  The tiny one is SLOWLY gaining while the largest one seems to bound ahead.  I will need to watch closely as the size gap gets wider, so that the larger girls don't push the tiny one away from eating. 

Three months of school and only three months until the wedding!  I am sure that with babies in the house and getting ready for the inspection time will fly.

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