I did not go to school yesterday.  Leta had her babies.  All is going well so far.  So now I have 12 babies in the house.  They will be so much fun in 4-6 weeks!   These babies will be ready in early to mid December.  Most of them will be able to travel with me to Orlando in early December.  Of course there is sl always a chance that I will keep one or that the payback puppies will be claimed. 

I I am pretty sure that if all 7 boys and 5 girls make it there will be 'extras' looking for approved homes. 

Big rig homecoming game tonight. Took the school kids to the parade and pep rally.  It was rather warm today and some complained about being hot and thirsty but they all survived.  

Dave has to work tomorrow so now I maybe get some things done.  I started a few things yesterday but lack of sleep made me take a nap after puppies were born 

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