All of the adults and Dreamer have now had dentals.  Maggie is doing much better tonight after her spay yesterday. 

Today Topper, Lucky, and King got baths, comb outs, trims and photos.  There are new pictures on the puppy page.  No captions, but their names are on each photo.  Sometime in the next three days I will get the other three puppies updated too. 

Topper and Lucky were a bit scared to be put on a chair by themselves.  King still would not sit still, but did not jump, even though I could tell he thought about it.  I taped Topper and Luckiest ears after the photo shoot.  Lucky promptly got out of it, so I taped him again. 

Maggie's departure date will likely be moved back a day or two.  That will allow all, of the antibiotic to be given to her before she leaves. 

After we get through all the dogs' baths, I need to pull hair from ears.  I did toenails and ear trims when I groomed them.    paint and caulk are in my future too. 


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