February 8, 2014

It has been awhile since the last post.  The email was down for almost a week!  Unfortunately, all past emails, puppy applications, and correspondence was lost.  Also any emails sent to me form a week ago Saturday until mid Thursday have not been delivered.  If you have been trying to get ahold of me, PLEASE try again now that the email should be working again. 

BeGe has found her forever home.  She is close enough, that I will hopefully get to see her some.

Had a wonderful birthday weekend, spending time with my kids.  I am sure that is what most mothers really want, is to spend time with their children, how could they not? 

I have started working with Baby and Tater (yup, changed the little boy's name AGAIN!  lol)  We have been working on standing on the table.  I should have worked with the leash this weekend.  Baby also went to PetCo and TSC.  She was a bit scared at first, but settled in to riding in the cart at TSC.  The dog show is less than 2 months away now.  Hard to believe it will be coming so soon!  I want to take one of Darla's babies too, but she will have to have the quick Dog show course over Spring break. 

5 boys still needing homes.  Romeo and King, then Spot, Trey and Tiny. 

I have started on the water system for the barn.   We also bought a new heater for the barn. 

Three girls have been in heat in the last month and now I think 4 more are coming into heat.  No way are they all going to be bred.  I cannot handle 7 litters at one time, even if I was home all the time.  Bella is hopefully bred, since she has not had a litter in a 18 months.  I also need to breed Laika, so I can give a puppy back to her breeder.

Should know more in a few weeks!

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