February 7, 2014

I am a bit ticked off right now.  I posted Tessa on a local pet for sale site.  Someone responded with, "so you want to get rid of her because she is not perfect?"   They do not know how much I would LOVE to keep each and every one of my babies.  They do not know that yes, she needs to find a home because she is not perfect because I won't breed a tiny tiny girl, or a dog with a bad bite.  They do not know what a great dog she is because she does come from a caring home that cares about her health.

Okay,  off my soapbox because I need to chill and let my blood pressure go down a bit.

Pumpkin has been respoken for.  The lady that is getting her wanted her before, but was dealing with health issues.  She found out all the test results today and it is not the major issue that she was afraid it might be.  So glad for Pumpkin and this lady.  The lady seems so nice and her neighbor could not say enough nice things about her.  Pumpkin will be SO loved.  She might even get to travel this weekend to Florida, because it works for the transporter's schedule. 

Vivi will be leaving in 2 weeks, and Amy over Spring Break.  Poor Dreamer will miss all of his buddies.  Tessa will like the quietness of less "bratty" puppies.  They play too rough for her liking.  I am so happy that I am keeping Dreamer to keep things lively.  The newborn puppies won't be too active until April. 

My  evaluation has been put off another day.  Not sure what the principal had come up, but now Tuesday is the day he will come in to observe. 

Dave is working half a day tomorrow to make up for coming home early one day this week. 

Can't wait for winter to be over!  I don't like feeling chilly all the time. 

The babies need to be tucked in, so I had better get moving.

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